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CO2 Tire Inflation Chart

This chart provides the approximate pressure that will be achieved when inflating a tire using the most common sized Carbon Dioxide (CO2) inflation cartridges. Please note that these values are approximate, and will vary due to several factors including differences between tire manufacturers, ambient temperature, altitude, etc. 

Please also note that CO2 molecules are smaller than air molecules, and will therefore permeate though both butyl rubber and latex rubber innertubes faster than air molecules. It is common for tires inflated with CO2 to be underinflated within 24 hours. 

Tire size16 gram CO2 cartridge20 gram CO2 cartridge25 gram CO2 cartridge
700C x 23130 PSI80 PSI per half cartridge90 PSI per half cartridge
700C x 25110 PSI135 PSI150 PSI
700C x 2890 PSI110 PSI125 PSI
700C x 3560 PSI70 PSI80 PSI
700C x 4040 PSI45 PSI50 PSI
20" x 2.0"50 PSI60 PSI70 PSI
24" x 2.0"40 PSI50 PSI60 PSI
26" x 1.95"30 PSI40 PSI50 PSI
26" x 2.0"25 PSI35 PSI45 PSI
26" x 2.5"20 PSI30 PSI40 PSI
27.5" x 2.0"24 PSI32 PSI36 PSI
27.5" x 2.25"22 PSI26 PSI32 PSI
29" x 2.0"30 PSI42 PSI46 PSI
29" x 2.5"25 PSI30 PSI35 PSI

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