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Table of Service Packages

Wash, Lube,
& Inspect
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
$39.99 $89.99 $139.99 $309.99
47-Point Inspection X X X X
Lubricate Cables, Chain, and Drivetrain X X X X
Detailed Bike Wash & Polish X X X
Adjust Brakes X X X
Adjust Shifting X X X
Adjust Headset X X X
Adjust Bottom Bracket X X X
Adjust Hubs X X X
Lubricate Moving Parts X X X
Wipe Down Bike X X X
Remove Drivetrain X X
Degrease Drivetrain X X
True Wheels X X
Complete Disassembly X
Overhaul Headset X
Overhaul Bottom Bracket X
Overhaul Hubs X
Replace Cables X
Replace Cable Housings X
Replace Grips or Bartape X
Lubricate Pivots X
Polish Frame and Fork X
Note 1: For Level 3 Tune-up, full suspension bikes might require extra suspension bearing charges
Note 2: For Level 3 Tune-up, $20.00 value allowed towards grips and bar tape

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