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Suggested routes and places to ride in the Clemmons and Winston-Salem area

Road routes  MTB Trails  Greenways  Gravel routes

Road routes

Road routes use the same paved public roads used by automobile traffic. Riders must observe North Carolina traffic laws.  The use of Daylight Visible Lights (both front and rear), bright colored clothing, and a proper helmet are essential.

MTB Trails

Mountain Bike Trails are primarily in wooded areas and/or natural terrain (not paved).  Many trails are sometimes closed after wet weather events or during times when the trail is in need of maintenance.  Be sure to check any signs or notices at the trailhead, on websites, and other sources before riding.


Greenways are public trails that are closed to motor vehicle traffic, and typically either paved or a smooth dirt or smooth gravel bed.  Greenways are usually maintained by municipal governments and their respective parks departments. Most Greenways are also utilized by pedestrians, and pedestrians normally have the right of way.  Some Greenways allow horses. Be sure to read any signs or notices when entering Greenways to observe specific rules. It is not uncomon for some Greenway routes to contain sections where riders must travel on public streets shared by motor vehicles to transition from one Greenway section to another. 

Gravel routes

Gravel routes are typically public gravel roads that are also utilized by motor vehicles, and/or public gravel trails closed to motor vehicle traffic. It is not recommended to ride Gravel routes with a traditional narrow-tire road bikes. Gravel routes are usually best ridden with purpose-built Gravel bikes, Hybrid bikes, Fitness bikes, MTB bikes, and in some cases, Cruiser bikes. Some Gravel routes are in rural areas where cellular phone coverage may be intermittent, so please plan accordingly.